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LG ScienceLand

LG SCIENCELAND LG ScienceLand provides fun and exciting educational content about science for children and teenagers.

Providing student-centered edutainment contents about science for children and teenagers.

  • A Fun and Exciting Educational Platform to Cultivate Children's Scientific and Creative Thinking 
    LG ScienceLand provides children and youth with scientific content stimulating their curiosity and promoting science learning under the slogan, 'an exciting science world.' The content provided includes Science Songs, Science Lab Videos, Science Stories, and so on, which are produced by the Library to enable children to enjoy science by themselves. The edutainment content helps them to learn how to think scientifically and how to improve their creativity.
  • An Information Service Integrating Scattered Science Information on the Web
    LG ScienceLand offers an integrated search service that was designed to help them search effectively and easily gather scientific information. In addition, the educational information includes curriculum-based materials targeted at school teachers, which helps teachers to find optimal materials for each science class.
  • In the Middle of a Great Transition to Develop Student-Cenntered STEAM Edcuation Programs
    LG ScienceLand is in the middle of an evolutional transition to offer opportunities to children and the youth to learn how to utilize science in order to represent their ideas. It has encouraged children and the youth to write Science Songs and to create their own music movies or to draw Science Comics by themselves. LG ScienceLand will support the reinforcement of these kinds of activities to help them feel the pure joy of creativity and a sense of achievement.  
Core Services LG ScienceLand provides a variety of types of content for free to all kinds of users - children, students, teachers, parents and others.
  • Science Songs
    Students can easily learn science by singing along with Science Songs in the form of animation. They can also share their own user-created Science Songs with friends.
  • Science Lab Video
    Users can experience science experiments virtually in LG ScienceLand. Science Lab Videos help children understand difficult science theories effectively with virtual experiments. 
  • Young Maker
    Based on the Maker Movement, YOUNG MAKER is a child-friendly participatory platform designed for children to make creative things, learn STEAM-education skills, and practice design thinking. While experiencing YOUNG MAKER activities, children have no limitation on their imagination and creativity. Therefore, they can imagine freely, and make anything in the platform.