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LG Sangnam Library

LG DTB Library

LG DTB LIBRARY The LG DTB Library, world’s first ubiquitous library service, provides heartwarming information service responding to the needs of print-disabled users.

Narrowing information gap for the visually impaired by fulfilling their needs to read in daily life.

  • The World's First Ubiquitous Library for the Print-Disabled
    The LG DTB (Digital Talking Book) Library was launched on the 10th anniversary of LG Sangnam Library in order to expand the services that are available to the disadvantaged. It’s an audio library specifically designed for the print disabled to easily access the library and listen to talking books at anytime from anywhere via the Internet, telephones or mobile phones. 
  • A Heartwarming Service Actively Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technologies
    The LG DTB Library was developed through the cooperation of the four other companies in the LG Group-- LG Electronics, LG U+, LG CNS, and LG Innotek. These companies, which possessed ubiquitous technologies, eagerly participated to share their technologies and resources for the purpose of providing a social contribution towards reducing information gaps. In particular, LG Electronics developed a specialized new phone for the visually impaired, which is recorded as the world's first phone for the visually impaired.
  • A Repository of High-Quality Digital Talking Books
    The Digital Talking Books of the LG DTB Library follows the DAISY format, the world standard for Digital Talking Books for the visually impaired. For user convenience, the books have embedded functions including book navigation, bookmarks, speed control and so on.
Core Service The LG DTB Library provides about 10 newly released books every week. All of these books are provided for registered members for free via the Web and mobile phones.
  • Web Service
    Users can access the DTB Library with their PC. In the form of Text DAISY or Audio DAISY, they can listen to books in the categories of new releases, best sellers, recommendations, and screenplays. With ‘My DTB’, the LG DTB library offers personalized services including book requests and personal bookmarks.
  • Mobile Service
    Users can enjoy the same service on mobile phones as on the LG DTB Library Website. They can access to the service via feature phones specially designed for the LG DTB Library or via Android smart phones.