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LG Sangnam Library

(Past) LG ELIT

LG ELIT The LG ELIT service is now closed.  As the first service of LG Sangnam Library, LG ELIT provides an indication of the identity of LG Sangnam Library. (The Service Period: April 17, 1996~March 31, 2016)

Having proven to be a solid aid for researchers in the field of Science and Technology.

  • The First Digital Library Service in Korea
    LG ELIT (Electronic Library Information Tour) is the first information service launched by the LG Sangnam Library. LG ELIT had proven to be a solid information aid for researchers in the field of Science and Technology.
  • A Portal Service Specializing in Science and Technology
    LG ELIT provided multi-dimensional scientific information including educational information, research information, technology trends, and subsidiary information as a portal for Science and Technology information. ELIT actively collected course materials from universities all over world and provided technology trend reports. It also provided a sharing platform of academic full-texts for professors, graduate students and researchers. That is why LG ELIT was used as a communication center among researchers as well as an information service center.
  • Providing more than Library Service through Service Differentiation 
    LG ELIT had transformed itself in accordance with the needs of its users. Paying great attention to the voices of its members, LG ELIT had been a pioneer in its unique and distinct territory, and had adopted advanced Web technologies in an effort to develop its tailored services, search functions, and user interfaces.
Core Service LG ELIT provided a broad range of science and technology information by combining internal resources of the holding collections and external resources of other information services.
  • Course Materials
    LG ELIT collected course materials of world-renowned universities. Course materials included lecture notes, references, and assignments.
  • Thesis Writing Tutorial / English Thesis proofreading Service 
    LG ELIT offered English Thesis Writing Tutorials full of basic skills for English thesis writing. In addition, it provided an English Thesis Proofreading Service to researchers who had a hard time completing their theses in English. The theses were proofread by an English native speaker specialized in science.
  • Technology Trends
    LG ELIT conveyed latest news in the field of science including IT trends, industry trends and science blogs.